About Us

Contract Management, Inc. (CMI) was founded in 1995 by James Williams. The firm was incorporated as Contract Management, Inc. and in the early years offered primarily mechanical construction services to its clients. As the company grew into the 21st Century, its clients base and construction services expanded into a multidiscipline construction firm engaged in providing a diverse range of contracting services in the areas of plumbing, piping, fabrication, HVAC, general contracting, maintenance, basic ordering agreement (BOA), indefinite delivery indefinite quantity (IDIQ), unit pricing, and related federal government procurement sources.


Our Mission is to sustain a profitable organization and conduct business with openness and integrity.


Our Vision is to …

  • Create value for our customers by first understanding their needs and then exceeding their expectations.
  • Provide extraordinary opportunities for employees by attracting aggressive, enthusiastic people, training and challenging them, and providing a safe, respectful, and enjoyable work environment.
  • Develop mutually beneficial partnering relationships as an extension of our capacity to deliver value to our customers, employees, and shareholders.
  • Enhance the communities in which we work by maintaining safe work sites, minimizing disruptions, protecting the environment, and supporting community organizations.
  • Value the continuity of the business and require profitable growth to invest into the future.
  • Conduct business with the openness, fairness, and integrity, and expect the same from our customers.


Ethics is the heart of our organization. We value and put high emphasis into our organizations reputation. We stand by our work and everything we do as an organization.

CMI creates a trustworthy environment for all of our clients, suppliers, employees, shareholders, and communities where we operate. We place a high value on honesty, reputation, and integrity. We have a no tolerance for behavior or actions that are not fair or ethical and our employees are required to comply with these value standards.


Safety is Priority #1! CMI values the health and safety of each employee and our #1 Goal is NO ACCIDENTS – ZERO ACCIDENTS!

CMI has earned various awards for achieving zero lost-time incidents on numerous of our projects. Year after year, our zero accidents policy helps put our safety performance in VERY GOOD STANDINGS and reflects our EMR Rating of .82.

CMI objective is to be proactive and prevent accidents from occurring. We are dedicated to preventing accidents, eliminating the opportunities of an unsafe act or condition, and giving our employees the stop-work authority – if it’s not safe – WORK STOPS. We encourage our subcontractors and projects alliances to commit to our safety and health philosophy. With this organization-wide commitment our operating cost goes down and our productivity goes up because less time is lost to accidents.

Awards & Recognition

  • Bechtel Savannah River, Inc.
    Award of Safety Excellence “Zero Accidents”
    April 9, 1996 – April, 1997
  • United States Department of Energy
    Mentor-Protégé Program Award
    Fiscal Year 2000
  • State of Georgia
    Mentor-Protégé Program w/Turner Construction
    2004 – 2006


1829 Killingsworth Road
Augusta, GA 30904